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Six Pack Ready - Andrew

Meet Andrew.

Six Pack Ready - Andrew

Andrew has been trying to get six pack abs for the past 6 years. He tried countless programs, changed two fitness trainers, and he has read more than 1000 magazine articles. He still goes to the gym, and he still looks like this.

What is Andrew’s problem?
Or, is it his fault after all?


“The six pack dream”

Six Pack Ready - Dream

Let’s be honest. Everyone wants a defined abdomen. Everyone wants six-pack.
Everyone wants to walk on the beach smiling and not hiding in the shelter of the T-shirts. Everyone wants to have the abdomen like the top-notch models from magazines.

So did Andrew. But he was the classic victim of the fitness advertising industry. He did not realize “The Matrix” behind it.

Six Pack Ready - Dream

We are surrounded by more fitness magazines than ever. We have health and exercise books and many certified trainers who give tips and programs.

We have so-called “magical” fat burning supplements, green teas, green coffees, belts for wearing over the abdomen while running, and lifting weights for “losing fat” and gaining six-pack.

Andrew followed so many diets and training programs from magazines, nutritionists and gym instructors. He tried all the kind of the new method diets and programs that were selling over the internet.

So, why did nothing of this work?

Nutritionists and trainers want you to improve slowly.

Six Pack Ready - Nutritionists and trainers

If you were a nutritionist, would you reveal all the secrets to your customers in only one month, or would you rather want them to pay your bills for the next two years?

Fitness trainers and nutritionists want you to be their client for as long as possible.

They don’t care about your goals, they just care about your money.

Six Pack Ready - Nutritionists and trainers

Faster ways DO exist, but they will never reveal them to you.

Six Pack Ready - Magazines

Magazines will never reveal the entire truth.

Six Pack Ready - Magazines

If the magazines informed you about everything that is right and correct in one edition – what would they have left to write in the future editions?

Why would you buy them if you got the information and wanted result from a first edition that is written in correct manner?

Magazines, nutritionists, coaches – they all constitute the chain of hiding the real truth supported by the mass media.

If the recipe sucks it does not matter how good cook you are.


I’m Mike Stone.

It took me years to realize this “fitness industry” conspiracy.
This is why I have created one and only abs program you’ll ever need.

Six Pack Ready - Mike Stone

I took professional courses about anatomy, nutrition and fitness.

With the knowledge I got from the past mixed up with the knowledge I gained in the institutions and all of it combined with my creativity – I created my method.
Method that should help you obtain long-desired six pack abs.

Let me present to you…

My Method – Six Pack Ready Program.

Six Pack Ready - Truth About ABS Revealed

(download link is below, at the end of page)

What is included in the

Six Pack Ready?

Six Pack Ready - The anatomy of abs

The anatomy of abs

The first step is to understand what abs are and how they work. You will learn why some people cannot have visible abs even if they do hundreds of abs excersises every day. You will also learn why reducing overall body fat is much more important than strengthening abs.

Six Pack Ready - Myths about abs

Myths about abs

From gym rats to fancy magazines, the amount of myths and false stories about abs today is larger than ever. Even grandma Jane has her own theory about abs. In this chapter, you will learn what are the most common myths about abs and how to avoid being fooled again.

Six Pack Ready - The truth about food you eat

The truth about food you eat

Everything you need to know about food is quite simple. It’s the media and thousands of crappy articles that confused us. Food is consisted of proteins, carbs, or fats and you will learn what kinds of them are good or bad. You will also learn the role of vitamins and minerals.

Six Pack Ready - Meal and diet examples

Meal and diet examples

I know most people are pretty much bored eating chicken breast every day, so I have included over fifty meal examples and selected diet combinations, with images of them. Every meal has the exact count of proteins, carbs, fats, dietary fiber and calories.

Six Pack Ready - Exercises with images and videos

Exercises with images and videos

Reading about exercises is boring without seeing the actual workout. That is why I have recorded video for every one of them, step by step, from multiple angles where necessary. You can see every tiniest detail of the movement and replicate the exercise in your own home or gym.

Six Pack Ready - List of garbage food items

List of garbage food items

Most people think that avoiding candies, cookies or sweet and fatty foods in general will do the thing. In reality, some of the ordinary “below the radar” foods are the number one reason why most people fail to make their abs visible. Just excluding these foods can give 50% of results.

How to keep a six pack for life

How to keep a six pack for life

I know many people who once had well defined abs but not anymore. It is really a shame to train hard to reach the goal, and then destroy all the hard work. Therefore, I will introduce to you to a diet and lifestyle that should keep your six pack visible forever.

Six Pack Ready - Truth About ABS Revealed

Get it now! Get Six Pack Ready


Most recent clients that used method from my program. Check out their results.

Six Pack Ready Before After - Steve

Because of my work duties, I was not able to workout in order to get abs I always wanted. I tried many supplements but still the workout systems fitness trainers prescribed me required too much time and money.

I was feeling miserable but one day I saw ad for Six Pack Ready. Reasonable price and positive stories made me buy the product. I also loved the fact that a program does not require too much time and it really fit my lifestyle.

I can’t tell you how happy I am now that I’ve used this method and got the wanted result! Just amazing! Mike’s the man.

Steve M., USA

I’ve been working out my whole life, I was a football player and I always had muscles but yet never visible abs. One day I decided to try to work on my abdomen. I tried some diets and supplements but it did nothing to me.

I have to admit I’ve been sceptic at first look but hey, I didn’t have anything to lose. Book price was very affordable and I liked the outcomes his past clients had.

By recommendation, I bought Mike Stone’s book – Six Pack Ready. I can’t tell you how happy I am now that I’ve used this method and got the wanted result! Just amazing! Mike’s the man.

I followed the instructions strictly and got what I wanted! Thank you, Mike!!!

Bryan K., Australia

Six Pack Ready Before After - Bryan

When you read and if apply my program, you probably won’t need any magazine, any fitness trainer or nutritionist again.
Everything you need is inside.

Six Pack Ready Money Back Guarantee
Six Pack Ready - Truth About ABS Revealed
  • Complete diet and nutrition program for ripped six pack abs
  • Complete training program with images and videos of exercises
  • 50 meals and 5 diet plans to choose from, based on your personal taste and preferences
  • 60-day money back guarantee in case the program does not suit your needs

What are you waiting? Start with the program TODAY!


I know you might be thinking “Should I trust this guy Mike”?
That’s why I am giving you the full, 60 day money back guarantee

I am so confident about my program, that I offer you to test this program on my own responsibility.

If you are not satisfied with the results, any time in the following 60 days you can email me for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

So far, less than 1% of customers have asked me for a refund, and I am pretty much sure these people didn’t even try to apply anything from the course.

Six Pack Ready Money Back Guarantee

“I, Mike Stone, promise to give a full 100% refund to anyone who does not find my program useful in the next 60 days. Just send me an email, no questions asked.”